Little Great Wall Trail

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  • Wooden walkway A walk to the pavilion along the Little Great Wall Trail Scenery along the Little Great Wall Trail Overlooking the mountain Dragon ridge on the Little Great Wall Trail

    Little Great Wall Trail

Situated at Longtou Mountain Scenic Spot, the Little Great Wall Trail extends across the length of the Longtou Mountain to the Duona Suspension Bridge. The serene scenery along the way gives an extensive view of the valley beneath Longtou Mountain, the Duona Glass Bridge, Wangfu Cliff, Snakehead Hill, and the Zhuokou River. From afar, this 1-km wooden boardwalk resembles a miniaturized version of the Great Wall, and it is the perfect length for families to embark on a healthy getaway and the nature’s wonders.

The trail takes around 30 minutes, but for those who wish to be closer to nature, an additional 30 minutes will get you to the Duona Suspension Bridge, which overlooks the entire valley. 

Little Great Wall Trail
4.3 4stars 910 reviews
Priscilla Chan
5stars 5 years ago

Amazing view, kid-friendly because of the easy hike, friendly coffee shop and BBQ stand at the entrance, plenty of Taiwanese aboriginal stories to tell about the place - also a good place for those afraid of heights to challenge themselves on the suspension bridge (located at the end of the hike)

Alexandre Bento Freire
5stars 6 years ago

The ramp that gives access to the top has been destroyed due to landslides, but if you are adventurous enough, you will see it's still possible to go to the top and have a great 360 view.

Kî Ngôo
4stars 2 years ago

Great for groups and elders.

Plato TPT
5stars 5 years ago

Nice scenery along the way.Easy to walk on.Recommended to visit.

pau 14
5stars 4 years ago

Have a great view, and a great way for cycling

Last Update:2022-07-14

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