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Saichia Paragliding Park

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Sandimen Township

Clear(Sandimen Township)


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    Saichia Paragliding Park

Located at Saichia Village in Sandimen Township, Pingtung, Saichia paragliding park is famous for hang gliding (paragliding). Due to the barrier effect of the Central Mountain Range, steady upward currents are formed, allowing for up to 1,000 meters of flying height at this 16-km-wide airspace. Consisting of two areas: the takeoff site and the landing site, Saichia’s good geographical environment and weather conditions provide a broad view while flying.

Saichia was granted Taiwan’s first official paragliding permit and attracts paragliding enthusiasts all over the world to experience the thrill of flying.

Visitors are encouraged to stop here for 3-4 hours and to make reservations before taking the trip. 

Last Update:2023-10-25

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