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Shenshan Waterfall

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Wutai Township

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    Shenshan Waterfall

Shenshan Waterfall is a Natural, Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area is not yet open to the public. For more information, please contact Wutai Township Office.

Shenshan Waterfall lies hidden within the hills at 39K on Provincial Highway 24 toward the connection road to Jiamu community. Surrounded by nature, visitors feel as if they have stepped into paradise while enjoying the icy waters and the magnificent mountain range. A 20-minute downhill walk from the entrance is required, but visitors will pass by 3 platforms and an exciting and thrilling rope bridge along the way. Enjoy the beauty of nature, including the dazzling, gem-like waters beneath the waterfall.

Visitors are suggested to spend an hour here, and to be very careful of the environment. Be alert of snakes and slippery moss. Do not enter deep or dangerous waters. An entry permit is required for entering Wutai Village, and heavy vehicles are prohibited from entry. 

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39K on Provincial Highway 24



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.73060/22.75488
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