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Old Paiwan Community

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    Old Paiwan Community

The Old Paiwan Community is one of the most important founding places for the Paiwan people and has many rare and well-preserved stone slab house relics. It was awarded Gold Medal in the Culture and Heritage category by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in 2019 and has been actively promoting in-depth eco-tourism in recent years. Visitors can gain insights into this thousand-year-old settlement through traditional headdress and glass bead workshops, traditional archery experience, stargazing at night, a tour to the stone slab houses, or even spending a night at these houses. Currently, accommodations are available at the Old Paiwan Community, and each house is styled differently. Visitors are encouraged to make reservations through the Paiwan community development association. Since the houses are private property, visitors are asked not to enter any house without prior guided tour or housing reservations. Entering houses at will may also be a taboo among the tribal residents.

Visitors are encouraged to spend at least half a day here by reserving tour package with the community development association before the trip. In addition, a special permit is required for entering the dedicated roads leading to the community. 

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Turn onto Pingtung Route 35 from Lina Village in Pingtung, and the Old Paiwan Community can be found at the end of the route.



  • Longitude/Latitude:120.71064/22.66869
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