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Pingtung celebrates annual tribal wedding event


The “2016 Austronesian Wedding: Love in Dawu” already kicked off on March 5, 2016 amid tribal elders’ blessings at the Rinari Kubav in Majia Township, Pingtung County. In its 11th year, this spring event is considered the most romantic and important of all in southern Taiwan. In fact, the three townships of northern Pingtung, Majia, Sandimen and Wutai, take pride in the Austronesian Wedding so much that township officials and local people always organize it together as if they were holding their own weddings.

The three townships take turn hosting the event, which emphasizes aristocratic traditions. This year, ten couples will tie their knots through Majia’s Paiwan wedding rites on March 19 at the Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park by the Dawu Mountain. The Maolin National Scenic Area Administration and the Majia Township Office will prepare interesting side activities for people to take part. On that romantic day, the brides and grooms shall make their vows of happiness, and bring wonderful, lasting memories home.

The Administration is also scheduled to hold prize draws for wedding and tribal-tour participants. The prizes include iPhone 6s, CANON semi-SLR, and 7-11 gift coupons. For more information, please visit the 2016 Austronesian Wedding website.

Last Update:2023-03-24

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