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Mobile Tourist Info is available in Maolin now


Since October 21, 2016, the Administration has launched the smartest, most flexible iCenter service - Mobile Tourist Info, which helps visitors to save transport time and easily obtain a vast range of travel info.

The Mobile Tourist Info includes the following services:
1. Providing visitors with tourist info (through flyers, for example)
2. Introducing local tourist resources and features
3. Recommending travel routes
4. Answering visitors’ questions (visitors can also use electronic devices to check out info on food, accommodation, leisure, shopping and transport for their trips)
5. Offering first-aid kits and basic bicycle repair tools
6. Assisting visitors with planning itineraries and giving related advice

Below are Mobile Tourist Info’s service hours:

【Baolai Route】 ~ Fridays, Mondays and weekends

Time Location
09:20 7-11 Laonong Branch
09:45 Sun Green Waterfront Camping Site
10:00 Xinkai Memorial Park
10:10 Bulao Parking Lot (Bulao Trail Entrance)
14:10 First Entrance, Xitou Tribe Battle Path, Pulai
15:00 7-11 Baolai Branch



【Sandimen Route】~ Fridays and weekends

Time Location
09:15 Rinair Cultural and Creative Industry Development Center
09:50 Majia Barn
10:30 Shanchuan Glass Bridge (Majia end)
14:10 Sandimen Township Office





Last Update:2022-07-15

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