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Smile 185: Colorful Pineapple Festival


► Dates: April 1 – 4, 2017

► Site: 9.5K, Yanshan Highway

► Features:
1. A colorful landscape of pineapple fields, for both sightseeing and photo-taking.
2. Pineapples and papayas may be purchased at the festival site. Children’s toys from Anpo Tribe are also for sale.

► Notes:
1. Opening hours: 9am – 5pm daily during the festival time.
2. The site has been used as a pineapple field, and therefore the paths can be bumpy and no shades are provided. Please take these into consideration and stay safe.
3. Visitors may take pictures on the scenic stage. However, because the stage is three meters tall, for safety reasons, only 20 people are allowed at once for appreciating scenery or taking photos (up to 10 minutes).
4. Parking space is available. Please do not park your car by the roads.

This is a privately-owned place. Please do not enter it during non-opening hours or trespass its surroundings.

Last Update:2018-06-11

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