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Watch butterflies, appreciate flowers, and take hot spring baths at once in Maolin in reception of the Year of the Ox


The lunar New Year is around the corner. Making use of this seven-day vacation, most people are planning to explore scenic Taiwan. Maolin National Scenic Area Administration now introduces its most impressive attractions in Pingtung and Kaohsiung in this short article.  

Xinwei Forest Park of Liugui, located right within Maolin National Scenic Area, is on the top of the administration’s recommendation list. The park boasts Taiwan’s most beautiful 2km-long tall mahogany hiking trail which is paved with dark red leaves in the spring. Brides and grooms love taking their precious wedding photos here, and so do aspiring bloggers.

After immersing in natural scenery, cross Xinwei Scenic Butterfly Bridge to find the one-and-only Maolin Ecological Park, which is the winter abode of purple crow butterflies. Here, visitors can easily dance with these flying little genies. Every year from November to February, millions of purple crow butterflies spend the winter by Dawu Mountain in Taiwan. At this warm butterfly-filled valley, the administration not only holds an annual butterfly-watching festival but also offers guided tours led by indigenous locals. All visitors are encouraged to join this “dreamlike purple journey” in Maolin.

After watching butterflies, be sure to walk the 3km-long Xitou Tribe Warrior Route of Pulai from Provincial Highway 27. At about 500 meters above sea level, the route starts at a plum forest and meanders all the way up to the mountain ridge. A single journey takes about 1 hour. Visitors can overlook the beautiful Baolai River and Laonong River, while exploring the diverse ecology of the bamboo forests, acacia forests, thyme bushes, and plum gardens along the way. This unique route is definitely worth a try.

And after taking the walk, why not take a hot spring bath in Baolai. The spring water here is colorless with a smooth texture. Since it can soften the human skin, it is hailed as “the beauty spring.”

Last Update:2021-02-09

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