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From June, Visiting Baolai Bulao Hot Spring Is Fun And Comes With Giveaways. During The Extended Dragon Boat Festival, Come And Log In, For The Chance To Win An IPHONE Every Month.


The summer deals in Baolai and Bulao areas of Liugui District continue. As long as visitors spend at partner stores during the event period, they can receive giveaways for eligible purchases. There is also a "Monthly Prize Draw” - The top prize for which is an Iphone smartphone. The promotion invites domestic tourists to Baolai, Pulao and Taoyuan areas to enjoy great hot springs and mouthwatering giveaways this summer. Save your purchase invoices during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, come and try your luck and take part in the first prize draw before the official draw at the end of June.

The event starts in June and ends on January 31, 2024. There are 3 stages of giveaways, including "Extra giveaways for hot spring purchases," “Monthly NT$300,000 giveaway draws” and "Warm heart giveaways." Visitors can participate using purchase invoices or receipts. At the end of the event in 2024, there will be a final lucky draw for 5 more IPAD 10s. For more store and event content information check the event website in advance.

Baolai and Bulao hot spring areas not only offer visitors exquisite healthy hot spring experiences, but also the chance to travel along the Southern Cross-Island Highway and visit Baolai Flower Park and Hot Springs, and Maolin National Scenic Area with their families, where they can experience the “slow food slow travel” of a unique East Kaohsiung mountain city.

Last Update:2023-06-28

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