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Tour Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization - Enjoy the FLOW~A Healing and Learning Journey!


Are you planning a family trip yet? Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization has launched four major tourism brand concepts and plans distinctive tourism themes such as “Mountain – Sea – City - Aborigines” according to the geographical and cultural features of the area. The itineraries will be launched successively so visitors can more easily plan healing journeys to Southern Taiwan.

The themed experience of “Sea Port Scenery” focuses on eco-tourism in the Jiading wetlands and large-scale exhibitions in the Asia New Bay Area, with a focus on experiencing local art and culture, urban waterfront and harbor recreation.

“Tastes in the City” offers themed tours that include Zuoying District Old City Cultural Association, Lotus Lake and local historical sites and temple guides. In Fengshan Shrimp Art, Culture and Life an artist will guide visitors through Fengshan market; Zhi Bin Food in Gangshan District has launched family DIY bean sauce souvenirs; with a bee farm ecological guide and honey crepe DIY available at Sweet Bee Workshop in Yanchao District etc.

Come to East Kaohsiung “Secret Realm Mountain Tours” and visit mountainous areas of Qishan, Meinong, Maolin, Liugui, Taoyuan and others, including: U-shaped valley tour led by the Eighteen Arhats Mountain Natural Humanities Association in Liugui District, guided tours of Satoyama and food farming experiences by Happy Feed Goat Farm in Meinong, and enjoy environmentally friendly glass microwave kiln firing at Liuchuanggongyuan Glass Art Promotion and Teaching Center in Qishan District.

Experience “Aborigine Days” in the mountainous area of three villages in Northern Pingtung. Tours are offered with three recommend major highlights: handicrafts, clothing and food, including the Laogui Workshop Handicraft Leather Carving DIY of the Linali Tribe in Pingtung Ma Township, Shenshan Tribal Cooking School in Pingtung Wutai Township, and Anpo tribe's gorgeous Paiwan costume experience in Pingtung Sandimen Township.

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  • Sea-Xing Da Fishing Harbor

    Sea-Xing Da Fishing Harbor

  • Mountain-Eighteen Arhats Mountain

    Mountain-Eighteen Arhats Mountain

  • City-Great Harbor Bridge at Pier 2

    City-Great Harbor Bridge at Pier 2

  • Aborigines-Shenshan Waterfall

    Aborigines-Shenshan Waterfall

Last Update:2023-08-18

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