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Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization amazes Singapore’s tourism industry. by recommending tours with genuine Taiwanese spirits


The sea breeze, snacks and warm human interactions are key elements in Taiwan’s unique tourism style. In Kaohsiung, South Taiwan’s authentic Taiwanese charm interweaves urban and rural areas, convenient transportation and traditional culture, which has deep international appeal.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters has prepared a wealth of itineraries and information on attractions for the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, which were expertly presented at Singapore NATAS Holidays from August 11-13, 2023. In addition to having front-line discussions with local businesses, exchanges will also be held at the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Conference (B to B), allowing international industry players to familiarize themselves with the rich and diverse tourism information offered by Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization.

In order to cooperate with the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, "Lohas - Agricultural Tourism and Double Railway Tourism" was one of the four major diversified tourism promotional themes of NATAS Holidays. This year Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters brought together the indigenous tribes under its jurisdiction and Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization member operators to jointly promote innovative itineraries and special products in the Greater Kaohsiung area and three northern Pingtung townships (Majia Township, Sandimen Township, and Wutai Township).

Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization displayed featured products (samples) at the NATAS Holidays, including: indigenous handicraft works, Taiwanese native mountain tea, gourmet coffee, Kaohsiung Gangshan souvenirs, Zhibin Bean Sauce etc. Singapore business partners and the public can take advantage of this opportunity to understand the beauty of Kaohsiung’s “Mountain - Sea flow” and experience first-hand the genuine Taiwanese spirit and charm of southern Taiwan tourism.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters Director Ke Jianxing, said: "I hope that this trip to Singapore will substantially strengthen the overseas tourism market's familiarity with Taiwan, and successfully promote southern Taiwan's indigenous tribal humanities, urban and harbor tourism, and rural wildness."

During the travel fair, anyone who comes to the Maolin National Scenic Headquarters theme booth and completes designated tasks will get the chance to take part in a lucky draw. The prizes include: indigenous fur ball charms, carved coasters, glass bead butterfly magnets, Shell Flower hand cream, a Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel deluxe buffet meal voucher for two people, Shell Flower woven basket, Wutai B&B accommodation voucher for two people, Dja Lji An Homestay accommodation voucher for two people and other featured products or services from industries within the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization.

For more information about Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, visit the official website.

Last Update:2023-11-23

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