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Mountain Climbing and Hiking One Day Trips

Fully enjoy the Lovers’ Gorge and beautiful waterfall scenes in Maolin Gorge. Both of them are stunning attractions. Along the way you may admire beautiful forest and mountain scenes. And finally, you may end the day with a nice, soothing bath in Dunona’s hot springs to find the perfect ending to an excellent day.

  • Day 1

  • Lovers' Gorge
    Lovers' Gorge

    The Lovers’ Valley, or Tubalu in the indigenous Lukai language, can be found on the Lovers’ Valley Interconnected Highway. The valley has a clear and gentle stream at the flat river bed characterized by smooth sand.Upon arrival at the valley, visitors will see the Lovers’ Valley Suspension Bridge, which spans across the Zhuokou River. After crossing the bridge, visitors only have to walk alongside a trail for another ten minutes to reach the Lovers’ Valley Waterfall, which consists of five smaller waterfalls. However, visitors can only access the first and the second ones through a stairway beside the trail.

  • Longtoushan Leisure Area
    Longtoushan Leisure Area

    Longtou Mountain (Longtoushan) can be found near the 12km mark of Kaohsiung County Highway No. 132 in Maolin. It covers an area of about 22 hectares and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Longtoushan, literally Dragon Head Mountain in English, features a rare landform shaped by a river flowing through the region to resemble the shape of a humongous dragon lying on the ground, with the mountain range as its spine. Over time, the river sculpted the mountain and eventually cut it in half, making it look like a dragon spewing out pearls from afar and winning it a nickname “pearl-spewing dragon.” The mountain is also known as the ‘Eagle Valley’ for a large eagle population occupying its cliffs and valleys.

  • Shetoushan

    It was named Shetou, literally “snake head” in English, because it looks like a Deinagkistrodon snake snuggling at the Zhuokou River. It is a landmark in Maolin District and the guardian mountain of the local indigenous Tribe.

  • Duona High Suspension Bridge
    Duona High Suspension Bridge

    The Duonagao Suspension Bridge is located in the Longtou Mountain between Wanshan and Duona, spanning the Zhuokou River. It is 232 meters in length and 103 meters in height; it is said to be the tallest suspension bridge in Southeast Asia.

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