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Maolin’s open-air fair to serve the most popular indigenous food


2020 Mountain Market, held by Maolin National Scenic Area Administration and lasting for two months, will soon kick off amid much fanfare. A total of 30 performing groups will dedicate their shows, and more than 50 food, cultural and creative goods, and farm produce companies will be selling their products on site. Visitors can purchase a special “fun food pass” to satiate their taste buds with all kinds of tribal food at once.
In fact, at the market, aside from food and performances, nearly 20 types of free DIY classes will be available, such as traditional sticky rice snacks, quinoa ornaments, pour-over coffee, and glass-bead jewelry. Upon spending NT$200 or more at the market, visitors will be treated with a mini train ride for free in Xinwei Forest Park.
The market, decorated with wood stands and tables and hand-painted signboards, will be full of indigenous cultural charm. There will be a forest-style leisure area for people to listen to live music and enjoy fresh food in front of an open-air stage. Again, the fun food pass can be purchased either at local shops or online. The pass includes the most popular tribal food, such as rock grill with aromatic litsea, quinoa bread with cheese, dried mountain fruits, cold-brewed tea, and aiyu jelly with lemon.  

Last Update:2020-10-21

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