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Purple butterflies gathering in Maolin, the Rukai butterfly protection market, indigenous handmade DIY items, and butterfly appreciation ticket packages are on sale right now


"Purple Butterfly Valley" in Maolin, Kaohsiung City is a world-class ecological event and one of the most spectacular and mysterious natural landscapes in Taiwan. Every winter, purple butterflies come to the warmth of southern Taiwan on their gliding thin phantom purple wings. As they escape winter, the first stop is the lush forest area, creating an ecological phenomenon called "Purple Butterfly Valley" with hundreds of thousands of butterflies.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters launched the new "Good Maolin Experience Ticket Package" this year, to celebrate the arrival of Maolin's biennial butterfly appreciation season. This allows members of the public to experience Butterfly Valley through the "five senses" of sound, sight, smell, taste and touch, connected to the culture and customs of the Lukai people.

The Butterfly Appreciation Ticket Package is the most cost-effective way to travel and enjoy this offering. Visitors can set out and stop whenever they want, with a free and rich itinerary. In addition, the five-sense experience, ensures individuals to get to know Maolin first-hand and creates lasting memories. Use your ticket stub to participate in a lucky draw that will be held in March next year, with the chance to win gifts worth NT100,000 including electric bicycles, IPHONEs and Apple iPad air tablets.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters Director Ke Jianxing said: "The 2023-2024 Taiwan Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Appreciation Season lasts until March next year. The biennial butterfly viewing season is a benchmark event in eastern Kaohsiung. In conjunction with the butterfly appreciation season, six free eco-guided tours will be available every day so visitors can better understand the purple butterfly and "Purple Butterfly Valley."

The Rukai Butterfly Market will be held this weekend December 2-3 in the square in front of Susuke Restaurant, with a further six sessions on January 6-7, February 3-4, March 2-3 next year. The market activities include wonderful indigenous music banquets, exhibitions, the sale of agricultural specialties, DIY experience of special cultural handicraft art etc. Everyone is welcome to come to Maolin to pick up bargains, grab good deals and participate in the "Good Maolin Experience Ticket Package," "Five Senses Experience Ticket Package," "Rukai Butterfly Protection Market," "Parent-Child Butterfly Awards" and other events that ensure you enjoy Maolin together.

For more information on biennial butterfly appreciation events, see the official website of Maolin National Scenic Area or check the Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarter fan page "Fun Maolin." For inquiries about butterfly appreciation ticket packages, please call the butterfly appreciation team at 07-3596536.

  • Rukai Butterfly Protection Market-Handmade DIY

    Rukai Butterfly Protection Market-Handmade DIY

  • Parent-child handmade DIY

    Parent-child handmade DIY

  • Indigenous Music Festival

    Indigenous Music Festival

  • People kick back and enjoy Indigenous Music Day

    People kick back and enjoy Indigenous Music Day

  • Exhibition and sale of agricultural products

    Exhibition and sale of agricultural products

  • Purple butterfly group photo

    Purple butterfly group photo

Last Update:2023-12-08

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